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Member Tips:
Sanding Turnings
 Turn your lathe speed down when sanding.  The heat generated while sanding can cause a crack to open up. There is also a tendency to relax once the turning is done and the sanding begins, but the danger remains as long as the piece is rotating.  Try not to push the holder against the turning too hard since it will build up more heat  Attention to your material, sensible lathe speeds, safety gear and most of all an alert focus on your work will all contribute to be safe when turning.

Pete Kaup
Southern Utah Woodturners

New Product:

At the AWFS, some of our members discovered a new type of head protection to use while turning. Made by ViTAFLEX, it is a soft-stretch hood made from a patented latex-free elastic nonwoven fabric. It keeps your head cool, securely covers the entire head and neck, and can be worn over a mask, in conjunction with a respirator, or as a helmet liner. To learn more, check them out at

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