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Fullerplast Finish
Some of you have asked about the finish that I use on my wooden products so here is the information.
The finish is called Fullerplast; it is a clear, two component, catalyzed, modified alkyd varnish.  It can be used on any interior wood surface.  It is not recommended for exterior exposure.  
Fullerplast comes in either high gloss or satin, personally I only use high gloss.  It requires three components to use, Fullerplast, Catalyst and Synal Thinner.  Fullerplast must be catalyzed before application.  One (1) part Catalyst should be added to sixteen (16) parts Fullerplast.  According to the manufacturer, thinning is not necessary.  However, I have always used thinner at a ratio of eight (8) parts thinner to sixteen (16) parts Fullerplast.
I have applied this finish using either a brush or a spray gun.  Spray gun works best and will require less sanding.  The finish will set dust-free in about 15 minutes and hardens in about four hours.  I’ll usually let it set at least a day, the longer the better.
When I first started using the product, you could purchase it at any Fuller O’Brien pant store.  Now the product is only available from a company called Van-Dee Decorating Center (  
Good luck,
Bryan Thompson

New Product:

At the AWFS, some of our members discovered a new type of head protection to use while turning. Made by ViTAFLEX, it is a soft-stretch hood made from a patented latex-free elastic nonwoven fabric. It keeps your head cool, securely covers the entire head and neck, and can be worn over a mask, in conjunction with a respirator, or as a helmet liner. To learn more, check them out at

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