Projects 2016 - Las Vegas Woodturners

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Projects 2016

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With a windows computer you can expand the pictures by holding down the ctrl key and using the mouse wheel to spin in or out.  Of course on a phone or touch screen you can use your expand 2 fingers to do that.

Show and Tell June 4th 2016
Jack Dohallow
Misc Items
Brent Ross
Hybrid Segmented bowl
Barry Gray
Several Bowls Mesquite Cherry and Box Elder
Bruce Bettridge
Turned Bowl Mesquite
Bill Patten
Lidded box and hollow form
Show and Tell May 7th 2016

Brent Ross

Barry Gray
Chip and Dip?
Denis Lamay
Boxes and Bowls
August Meyer
Chess Piece
Sheri Payne
Lidded bowl Lati?
Charles Thompson
Pepper Shaker
Christian Brisepierre
Hollow Form
George Poltronieri
John Dugas
Lidded Box
Debbie Baker
Interesting Pens
Dennis Davenport
Lidded box, Hollow Form +
Mike Skulrah
Jack Dohallow
Lidded Box
Ron Kirchen
Show and Tell April 2 2016
Eckhard Fadke
Chess pieces from CNC and segmented bowl.

Bruce Bettridge
First Bowl
Marshall Cutting
Jim Mulrouself
Hollow form turnings
Marshal Cutting
Lidded Box
Brent Ross
Egg and holder
Jack Dohallow
Segmented bow.
Sheri Payne
Lidded Boxes
Ed Kitt
Segmented Bowl
Robert Smith
Hollow form bowl
Sherri Payne
Turned Boxes
Show and Tell March 5th 2016
Bill Patten Salt and Pepper Shaker Walnut
Bob Cranley Bowl
Christian Brisepierre Bowl
Gib Oswald Salt and Pepper shaker combined
George Poltroneiri  Cooking jar?
Jack Dahallor  Bowl
August Meyer Chess Piece
Don Finley
Previous Meetings
Barry Gray Segmented Bowl
August Meyer  Chess Pieces

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