Las Vegas Woodturners

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Update as of December 29, 2020
Next Meeting Feburary 6, 2021
and wil be a Zoom Meeting
See information below:
December 2020 Newsletter
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Las Vegas Woodturners
Our meetimg for the near future will continue to be Zoom Meetings because of Covid-19

January  2, 2021 -  Demo will be by Marlin Scott on "Usiing Epoxy and wood to form blanks for Turning".
Feburary 6, 2021 - Follow up on using Resin and Epoxy. Lessons learned from Happy hour call.

Message from the President

New Board Members,
President: Al Allen
Vice President: Bryan Thompson
Secretary: Debbie Baker
Treasuer: Chtistian Brisepierre

Contributing Members:
Website Admin: David Beard
Facebook: Richard Panepinto
Newsletter: Richard Farwell

Thank You, Everyone.

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