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Update as of September 2, 2019
Next Meeting August 3,2019 - Show and Tell this month's meeting

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We met on the first Saturday of every month except July.

Next meeting: September 7, 2019 at 9 AM is upstairs at

The following is a list of the proposed topic for the Las Vegas Woodturners Association through the end of 2019.  I emphasize proposed because their could be some changes yet but I feel competent enough to share the meeting topics with you at this time.

September 7, 2019:  This is the time for all members to share what they do in woodturning to make the holidays more beautiful.  Please  bring one or two of your holiday ornaments (that you have turned) and share them with the group.  It will not matter if there are duplicates only that you come and share with us.  Almost always I see things that others have turned that will either give me new ideas to improve upon what I am currently doing.  This is a good to for beginner and advanced turners to share.

October 5, 2019:  Mr. Will Arcularius, president of the Southern Utah Woodturners in Cedar City Utah will be here to share with us a homemade mandrel system with which to make birdhouse ornaments.  The group in Cedar City use these mandrels to make dozens of birdhouse ornaments that are given to the Cedar City Visitors Center who sells them and donates the money to the hospital foundation for improving the hospital in Cedar City.  He will share with you the mandrel and have a few for sale and maybe even one on the raffle table.  

November 2, 2019;  Barry Gray has improved his technique on doing the beautiful Matlimnzki bowls and will  be showing us those updates.

December 7,2019:  No ,morning meeting--this is our annual dinner party and present sharing.  The time and place will soon be announced so start preparing for thjis wonderful event.

With the exception of December there will be sharing time and a raffle so please come prepared to participate.

Please Bring items for Show and Tell and items for our Raffle!


Message from the President
Next meeting:September 7, 2019, at 9 AM at Woodworker Emporium

30 August 2019
Dear Las Vegas Woodturners,
Reminder time again!  The next meeting of the Las Vegas Woodturners Association is Saturday September 7, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. in the workshop of Woodworkers Emporium.  We are fortunate to have this facility so come and support the meeting and our commercial sponsor Woodworkers Emporium.
The September meeting will feature an open forum on holiday ornaments large and small.  This is your opportunity to share the joy you have of the holidays by sharing with the members your ornaments.  Beginner and advanced turner alike can share, and we encourage you to bring one or two ornaments and share with us why you chose that design, what wood you used, what tools you used and what finish you used.  There will not be time to an actual turning demo so there is no need to bring tools.
We will also have our usual show and tell, items you have turned different from the holiday ornaments, and our raffle.  The raffle is a good time to clean out you shop and donate tools and jigs you may no longer use and to share with members some of your excess wood.
The September meeting is also designated as the time to bring in your turnings for the next Clark County Library display.  The theme is multiple woods or turning materials.  There should be at least two different species of wood in your display piece or wood and some other alternate material such as acrylic, metal or stone.  The alternate material should be featured and not just used as a filler.  Below is a list of information you need to know for the display piece.
  1. A card with your name, material     used, size, price if you desire to sell the piece otherwise a Not for Sale     statement.
  2. This display is open to     members of the Las Vegas Woodturners Association ONLY who have paid their     dues as of the September 2019 meeting.
  3. You can submit multiple     pieces however due to the display area we will only guarantee that each     submitter will have one piece on display.  If there is space, we will     display more than one piece based on size and adherence to the theme.
  4. Any pieces not accepted for     show will be returned to the turner at the October 2019 meeting.
Please plan on participating in this show.  It is a wonderful opportunity for beginners and advanced turners alike to showcase their works to the Las Vegas community.
Since you soon and please be safe in the shop.  Eye, face and respiratory protection are a must.
Brent Ross, President

(Less Talk--More Sawdust)
Las Vegas Woodturners Association



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