Las Vegas Woodturners


Our Mission

The Las Vegas Woodturners Association is organized exclusively for educational purposes, and its mission is to educate woodturners and the public in and about the art and craft of woodturning. This mission will be accomplished by encouraging and facilitating the establishment of training programs for woodturners: by disseminating information about sources of materials and equipment, by exposing the art of woodturning to the public, and by serving as a center of information about woodturning for members and the public. We invite you to join us.

Meeting times are the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 P.M. with a workshop held on the Saturday following.

Our host for our meeting is Woodworker's Emporium located at 5461 Arville, Las Vegas, NV,

Club Officers:

President: Eckhard Fadtke

Vice President: Donald Finley

Secretary: Peter Marshall

Treasurer: Christian Brisepierre

Website: Robert Miller


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